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Mental Health

Alternative and Holistic Practices to balance your mental health.



Alternative Decompression Therapy and Counseling.



Mind, Body and Spirit

Humantarain Princinples

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How Can We "Ruffin" Help...?

The strongest and most compelling words known to man are  (How Can I Help You?) Here at Cairo and Friends we are here to help anyone that is suffering from a traumatic experience, a crisis, in need of positive reinforcement or just needs Ruffin HELP!

Mental Health

We have been in the field of Mental health before Covid-19. We strive to bring awareness to holistic and alternative practices to HEAL and genuinely Help you though this process.

Cairo's Crisis Center

Provides humane and professional services for individuals and families that are experiencing an event from a natural disaster, hardship or from a traumatic experience.

Support Groups

We offer authentic and transparent Support Group Sessions. Majority of our Group Sessions are held outside particularly at the beach or surrounded by a captivating nature environment.

Wellness and Fitness

Enough of the Ruffin GIMMICKS! Are you ready to finally ACT and embrace yourself? We offer Ruffin Legendary Wellness and Fitness Programs?

Have you worked out with sand bags outside and just your own body weight? Are you ready for a Natty Lifestyle? Look No Ruffin Further!

Cairo's Garage

Is a Community Discounted Store that helps individuals and families save money and reallocate funds directly to their savings and top priorities. We also have a  Voucher Program that assist with Hardship, Homelessness, Crisis and Natural Disaster events.

Humanitarian Practices

Are you sick and tired of the mundane AI lifestyle that society is being subject to? Break away from your phone and artificial settings and connect with like-minded individuals.  All you have to do is SHOW THE RUFF UP!


Are you an employee or employer? We have a simple, impactful resource that can be a beneficial dynamic approach to help staff members, employees and employers to  hopefully build a healthy, high-productive and humane work environment. 



Ruff-Ruff, first and foremost positive energy sent your way! We have a short survey that takes less than 1 minute to complete to help bring attention to your needs as an employee and hopefully maximize your performance and well-being.

As an employer we understand how hard it can be retain performance and maximize your employees ability to complete their task. We offer revolutionary services and programs a that align  with DEI guidelines and protocols.

Click the link  above to fill out the google survey.

Please share this link with anyone that you may know. It's time for employees Well-Being to be considered and recongized

Click the link above to fill out the google survey.

Please share this link with anyone colleague that you may know. It's time for Businesses and Employers to find help to maintain, maximize and invest in employees Well-Being.

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