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About Cairo And Friends


Hello, my name is Ryan Hayes, and I am the proud President and founder of “Cairo and Friends.” Ruff-Ruff, that was Cairo saying Hello! Cairo is my companion and service animal. He has been servicing me for nearly two years. If you don’t mind, I will take this time to tell you about our story. I was involved in a car accident in 2014, a horrible one at that. The outcome of this accident has left me having over a dozen injections, three shoulder surgeries, one knee surgery, and two lower back surgeries. Throughout this process, I was utterly devastated. At times I honestly feared the worst for myself.


I was depressed, uncertain, and not motivated. I'll be crystal clear, I was in a very dark place and contemplated living. I never thought of actually bringing self-harm or suicidal tendinosis. I just pondered what would happen if I wasn't here on this earth...  If you have ever dwelled in sorrow and depression then it might be safe to say you can relate. After going to countless doctor visits, psychologists, and pain management clinics, I wanted to try an alternative method. Something nontraditional, I then started to research alternative medicines and came across service animals. After countless hours of researching, I finally decided to act on this calling. I finally got Cairo; he was eight weeks old when I got him. I had the opportunity to pick him from his mother’s litter. Since the very first day he imprinted on me, and we’ve had an unbreakable bond. Cairo was first an emotional support animal, and after extensive training, he is now a certified service animal.


I know the pain and I know the feeling of isolation very well. Know that you are not alone, you may feel alone but that all can change. Humans tend to feel as if Love can only be transpired from another Human being. In my humble opinion, that is FALSE. Animals can too give the true meaning of unconditional love. Cairo and Friends is a non-profit organization that is located in Tampa Bay, FL. Our mission is to bring awareness to service animals, disabilities, and mental health. Cairo and Friends was officially established in 2019. We have an extraordinary diverse dynamic approach to bring awareness and combat mental health with non-traditional alternative medical practices. 


Cairo and Friends is currently researching and conducting surveying with “ADT” Alternative Decompression Therapy which implements a certified service dog with counseling and therapy. This unique approach takes away the traditional textbook setting with a “counselor-asking direct questions to a patient”. With our implementation with “Cairo”, our studies are indicating a higher transparency engagement between both parties. Cairo becomes a vessel/medium for a patient to feel more comfortable, reassured, and emotionally supported while participating in behavioral services, counseling and therapy. 


We provide physical interaction with Cairo, such as social interactions, and physical in/outdoor opportunities to all of our clients. We also gift our clients with several physical photos during their interaction with Cairo. We live in a day of technology, where we rarely hold a physical picture of a sentimental moment. Cairo is our official mascot, but we have now added it to our family. Cleo; is a Labradoodle and is 10 months old and Luna; is a Goldendoodle and is nine months old. We are currently training them both to be therapy dogs. In the near future, our mission is to breed Cairo with Cleo and Luna and train the offspring to become certified service dogs, and re-home them to people with disabilities, hospitals, and clinics for alternative therapy.


With achieving critical benchmarks and goals we will eventually have "Cairo’s Doodle Farm" up and operating to have a Farm of trained Labradoodles and Goldendoodles to promote Alternative Decompression Therapy. This will be a sanctuary for like-minded people, volunteers, and disabled people to come to decompress, seek therapy, and have a close community atmosphere. Dogs in general give positive health benefits to humans no matter their age. Being around a trained and obedient dog can have a more significant impact.


This will run parallel with Cairo Essentials operating. Cairo’s Essentials is our all-natural essential dog-care product brand. We handcraft all of our products. We craft shampoos, conditioners with essential oils that have health benefits factor for dogs and humans. For example, our Peppermint products kill fleas and ticks on contact. We also make dog balms, paw butter, essential odor mist, and organic dog treats. This is our main factor in keeping our operations going. We are currently revamping and scaling to monthly subscriptions. Something similar to Bark-Box, but with all-natural dog-care products. This brings Cairo and Friends to its everlasting dream, to have a storefront and have an employment opportunity for disabled personal. 


With your help, you can advocate for our mission and cause. What's most important to our organization is to spread the word to friends, family, and society. LET'S BREAK THE STIGMA TOGETHER!



-Ryan Hayes

Our Mission

Our Mission

Cairo and Friends is our first major outreach program to children, special needs, veterans, emotional support and anyone that has a disability. We will be traveling to hospitals, clinics, places of interest, and to patient's homes. We are finding a steady rise in people that are suffering from emotional distress and mental illness. You are not alone!


We are here to serve and address this matter. We are also here to bring awareness to service animals and their handlers. There is much misrepresentation of service animals. A handler may not show physical signs of a disability; he or she can be suffering from PTSD or any type of mental health disability. We plan to provide socialization opportunities, mental health/wellness information, positive enforcement, and direct contact with Cairo.


Educating people on alternative medicine and Alternative Decompression Therapy is vital to this approach. Many people are suffering from pharmaceutical prescription medication and overdosing. Families are suffering and lives are lost. Together we can educate and show people a new alternative approach to fight through their traumatic experience.


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Our Vision

As a society, we need to be educated and be properly educated aware in regards to the disabled community and mental illness. Learn how you can help and break the negative stigma. Alternative Decompression Therapy is a new alternative practice to have a higher success rate in social work, counseling, and therapy.


We strive to become a beacon of light and a leading provider of services that improve the lives of the disabled community, children, veterans, and their families. Our main objective is to have Cairo’s Retreat for an Alternative Decompression Therapy Sanctuary.


Our society in my humble opinion does not do enough to reassure this community of people a productive lifestyle. Disabled people want to work just as hard as every other responsible person. The fact is many of them are discriminated against or do not feel comfortable. We need to take a step back and realize that we are BEINGS  before HUMAN BEINGS.

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Cairo and Friends

Bringing awareness to service dogs, disabilities, and mental health.



Phone: 813-602-1779

Registered EIN: 84-3420995

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