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Cairo's Garage

Ruff-Ruff!!!   Cairo's Garage is brought to you by one man and one special service dog! Close you eyes, well wait you can't. Just  envision a positive and uplifting environment, we're people can escape the sentiment of being a consumer, experiencing a cruise vibration/feeling and "RUFFIN EMPOWER" your livelihood and reallocate funds directly to your "SAVINGS"! Can you imagine a place where you don't have to tell your child NO, becuse of a price...?  


We understand and know those uncomfortable feelings. This just might be the only place left on the face of the planet Earth where INFLATION doesn't exist.  You read that ' CRYSTAL CLEAR"! At Cairo's Garage we humanely empower, help individuals and families reallocate money to their savings and for top priorities. 


We offer an exceptional and unique shopping experience, just read our Google reviews! With discounted prices/donations from 50-90% off everyday essentials, it' a no brainer to visit Cairo's Garage! All purchases/donations come with a FREE gift as well! We hope that you enjoy the beautiful Reggae roots music, being memorized by Cairo, Cleo and Luna and knowing that you are empowering our mission and vision to one day bring our community Cairo's Retreat!  


Yes, the LEGEND and MYTH is TRUE... Everything is TAX-FREE all year long and the S.I.R has not place here, what's  S.I.R.?


How Can We Ruffin Help...?

We are here to HELP, SERVE and EMPOWER our local community and beyond. If you or someone you know is currently experiencing a traumatic event, crisis, hardship or just need general assistance please do not hesitate to reach out us.

If we can not directly assist you, we have referrals to get you back on track and in the right direction! Let's get to Ruffin Work!!!

Thanks for submitting!

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