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Thank you very much for having an interest in Cairo and Friends. We are always looking to network, partner, and help others.  Our goal is to build a healthy TRIBE-based community that serves anyone that is experiencing a traumatic experience. We have a unique and alternative approach to combat mental health and bring awareness.

Let's Break The Stigma Together!!!

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Cairo's retreat

We hope that you enjoy the reveal of our future development which is called

“Cairo’s Retreat”. This massive development will compose of approximately 5-7 acres. Cairo’s Retreat will be a true escape from the day to day life! We look forward into Cairo's retreat ultimately building a TRIBE like community and  bring a BLISSFUL atmosphere, where true dog lovers can come to network, share a bonding experience, build friendships, and hopefully be surrounded around people such as yourself!

We truly look forward to Cairo’s Retreat being an experience like never before.

Cairo's Retreat
Cairo and Friends

Cairo's Retreat

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4230 South Macdill Ave

Tampa, FL 33611

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