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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

RUFF-RUFF!!! Please read this flyer educate yourself with our non-profits mission and become a ADVOCATE!

We have unique approach to combating mental illness and bringing awareness to Mental Health. With Cairo being our official mascot and a certified service dog; we are currently researching and conducting case study with Alternative Decompression Therapy. ADT can be used while having a certified service dog that performs task to be implemented during counseling and therapy. This ultimately sets a positive foundation and emotional support.

Are you feeling stressed out or overwhelmed?
Do you need someone to talk to; or better yet Cairo...?
Do you need emotional support, a genuine helping hand?

We are focused and dedicated to LONG GEVITY!

Here at Cairo and Friends we believe that we can formulate and build a TRIBE

LIKE-MINDED atmosphere to educated and bring awarness to service dogs, disabilities and mental health. Some people may have negative opinions on this approach, but we believe in alternative approaches and most importantly being grounded with animals and nature!!!

P.S. It's 4:24 am and I'm blogging in Loiza in Puerto Rico. Cairo is looking at me with his human eyes letting me know he needs to do number 1 and 2 haha!!!

Signing off- RUFF-RUFF!

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