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Our mission and vision at Cairo and Friends are to bring awareness to service dogs, disabilities, and mental health. We are striving to break the negative stigma that is associated with mental illness. We will start within our community to creatively bring awareness, educate and sensitize humanity and hopefully emerge a ripple effect throughout society. We are also wanting to shift the dynamics in public school systems to bring awareness and incorporate educational literature in regards to disabilities and mental health. This will help the core development of education in regards to mental illness.

We serve human life. We are activists and advocate for the disabled community. This has no limitations in regards to physical, or psychological impairments. Children have the highest risk factors, secondly adults, and elderly people. People that are suffering from a traumatic experience, need grief counseling, companionship, and positive reinforcement. Our goal is to outreach and socializes with our community first, bring awareness, advocate forward to national and worldwide recognition.


If you or anyone that you may know; might be interested or benefit from Alternative Decompression please reach out to us and schedule a FREE introduction session. We PROUDLY serve our Tampa Bay local areas and looking forward to traveling across the WORLD to make a positive impact. Let's Break The Stigma TOGETHER!!!


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Cairo and Friends

Bringing awareness to service dogs, disabilities, and mental health.



Phone: 813-602-1779

Registered EIN: 84-3420995